HotPort® 7000 Wireless Mesh Nodes



HotPort 7010
HotPort 7020

HotPort 7010 – Indoor Mesh Node*
HotPort 7020 – Outdoor Mesh Node*

* Purchase of software license(s) required for dual-radio and/or 802.11n MIMO functionality. Purchase of HotView Pro Network Management license. Outdoor antennas not included. 3-in-1 detachable, high gain, spectrum-specific, omni directional and directional antennas available for purchase.

Viable Alternative to Fiber

Firetide’s unique mesh technology infrastructure provides municipal, industrial and enterprise users with the bandwidth needed to expand the reach of their existing networks, while adding a variety of fixed and mobile applications: city-wide video surveillance, traffic management and intelligent transportation systems, Wi-Fi access for mobile city workers and wireless broadband for underserved areas.

Convenient Upgrade Paths

HotPort® 7000 mesh nodes ship as 802.11a/b/g/n dual-radio capable hardware, with enhanced functionality enabled through software licenses. Projects that do not require 802.11n MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) capacity or dual-radio capability can start with 802.11a/b/g-enabled single-radio configuration. Dual-radio functionality can easily be enabled through a software license at an additional cost. Similarly, a separate software license can enable MIMO functionality for operation in 40 MHz channels, and to take advantage of 802.11n technology to achieve throughput of up to 300 Mbps outdoors and 400 Mbps indoors.

Upgrade Path

 No Upgrades  Dual-Radio
 License Only
 License Only
 Dual-Radio &
 MIMO License

 7010 (6101)

 7012* (6102)



 7020 (6201)

 7022* (6202)



* HotPort unit as displayed in HotView Pro Network Management software after upgrades. 6000 series equivalent shown in parenthesis.

Easier Deployments & Network Management

Unlike wired networks, where deployment is cumbersome, the self-forming nature of the Firetide mesh network ensures rapid deployment of large-scale networks. The HotPort 7000 mesh features integrated spectrum analysis, network capacity planning and antenna alignment tools for easier deployments and network management.

Higher Reliability

The HotPort 7000 nodes form a multipoint to multi-point ad hoc wireless mesh network with no single point of failure. Unlike a wired network, where a cut in the cable could take several days to resolve, the Firetide mesh routes the traffic immediately on an alternate link ensuring continuous service and network availability.

Dual-radio Performance

To maximize performance, dual-radio HotPort 7000 nodes support two radio modes. In the “bonded” mode, both radios are combined to operate as a single unit that provides double the bandwidth of a single radio equivalent. In the “linear” mode, both radios operate independently enabling sustained bandwidth levels over an unlimited number of hops. This enables long linear topologies, such as when networking a railway line, and provides a sustained level of service to every node, which is also critical for large municipal networks.

Quality of Service

Firetide’s patented AutoMesh™ flow-based routing protocol supports advanced load balancing and congestion control mechanisms for optimal routing within the mesh network. The HotPort 7000 mesh infrastructure also provides extensive VLAN capabilities critical for deploying a multi-service network on a large scale.

Metro-scale Deployments

Firetide’s network easily scale up to several hundreds of mesh nodes for city-wide deployment. Advanced features like MeshBridge™ and Gigabit EthernetDirect™ support mesh connectivity across multiple locations.

Multicast & Security

Firetide infrastructure provides reliable multicast capabilities critical for large-scale public safety and broadband access networks. Firetide mesh provides advanced security, including 802.11i support, dual-layer of FIPS140-2 certifiable 256-bitAES encryption, digital certifcates on network elements, digitally signed firmware files, MAC based access control lists and VLAN based access control lists.

Flexible Configuration

Indoor and outdoor HotPort 7000 nodes feature dual or single configurable radios in the 2.4, 4.9 (U.S. public safety licensed band) and 5 GHz frequency ranges. HotPort 7000 mesh can utilize channel widths of 5, 10, 20 and 40 MHz (MIMO only), with 5 and 10 MHz channel widths only available on the 4.9 GHz band.


“We also wanted a system that would be self-healing, able to re-route if a single or multiple systems were disabled”

–Jeff Zizzi
SCADA Telemetry Coordinator
Victorville Water District

“Firetide also agreed to help us with the site analysis and design of the system and technical support.”

–Jeff Zizzi
SCADA Telemetry Coordinator
Victorville Water District

“Wireless connectivity provides tremendous installation freedom for anyone needing to deploy network cameras in remote or difficult locations or for temporary installations”

–Fredrik Nilsson
General Manager
Axis Communications

“The Firetide-based solution is extremely cost-effective. We deployed the entire network in four developments for a fraction of the cost of a conventional monitoring system.”

–Lewis Jordan
Executive Director
Rockford, IL Housing Authority

“Within the first week of operation the newly expanded Firetide wireless video network was instrumental in identifying and arresting criminals in three separate felony offenses”

–Marin Garza Jr.
Chief of Police
Mission Police Department

“Wireless greatly speeds deployment and simplifies installation, allowing us to deploy many more cameras in strategic locations throughout the city than we could with a conventional wired surveillance network”

–Marin Garza Jr.
Chief of Police
Mission Police Department

“Wireless greatly speeds deployment and simplifies installation, allowing us to deploy many more cameras in strategic locations throughout the city than we could with a conventional wired surveillance network”

–Marin Garza Jr.
Chief of Police
Mission Police Department

“After thorough testing and planning we found the reliability, performance and value of the Firetide wireless solution to be a perfect fit for current and future growth of Thailand’s early flood warning system.”

–Dr. Nat Marjang
Project Manager and Faculty of Engineering
Kaesetsart University, Thailand

“Firetide’s technology clearly outperformed the competition and offered the high-bandwidth and reliability needed to support this large network of hospitals.”

–Mr. Lee
Team Manager
LG Uplus, service provider to 180 of Korea’s largest hospitals

“Cost-effectiveness and ease of installation of the Firetide wireless system are huge benefits for busy airports that don’t have time or money to spare.”

–Brian Thompson
Operations Manager
Yuma Arizona Airport

“Firetide was selected because no other vendor’s wireless mesh equipment could provide the high speed performance required to deliver streaming video from the station to moving rail cars and operate in one of harshest of environments for RF networks”

–Mr. Jung Yeong-Hyun
Project Manager
Global Telecom supporting Seoul Metro Subway

“We have deployed more than 1,000 Firetide wireless mesh nodes for our customers over the past three years with excellent results.”

–David Madrigal
Teksys Wireless Solutions, Houston, TX

“Firetide mesh fully integrates with our wired networks.”

–Jeff Roberts
Sunlight Service Group, Basingstoke, UK

“We purchase wireless mesh where cabling would be more costly, difficult, dangerous or too time-consuming to install.”

–Jeff Roberts
Sunlight Service Group, Basingstoke, UK

“For the safety and security of commuters, Mumbai Metro One is installing one of the most advanced Video Transmission Systems known as VTS Firetide 7010 inside its train”

–An official of the Mumbai Metro One Private Ltd