In today’s world the need to create safe environments has become paramount. 

Those who are responsible for and oversee our communities, like city governments, police departments and corporate security, need reliable ways to ensure the safety and security of the spaces where we all live, work and play. 

In an emergency, gaining high quality real-time situational awareness and information can help prepare an effective response and mitigate situations as quickly and safely as possible. 

The ability to capture information by remotely monitoring public spaces for effective population protection allows for effective and efficient coordination of policing and security management.

In today’s increasingly mobile environment, networks need to do more than connect devices and transport data:  they need to support your increasingly mobile assets and business operations, as well as handle our increasing dependency on video.

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    No disruption in network traffic, optimized traffic flow, up to 300Mbps with dual radio, and less than 1 ms latency per hop

    • Large coverage scope with optimal performance
    • Fast infrastructure deployment
    • Low total cost-of-ownership (TCO)
    • Linear scalability – without packet drop or throughput degeneration
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    Zero-downtime, carrier-grade reliability, and self-healing via redundant links for critical applications

    • Always-up network with 99.99% availability
    • Run critical applications confidently
    • Improved performance
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    Smooth integration and performance continuity with existing wired and wireless infrastructures 

    • Streamlined network deployment
    • Central management for the entire network
    • Reduced network maintenance cost
    • Consistent user experience across indoor wired and outdoor wireless
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    Real-time, streaming HD-video at speeds up to 100 mph and offloading of several gigabits of data in-depot in less than a minute 

    • Improved, real-time crime deterrence
    • Increased efficiency and workforce productivity
    • Reduced operating costs and potential new sources of revenue
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    Faster and more secure transmissions of data, voice, and video across the entire network; 256-bit AES encryption and FIPS 140-2 compliant 

    • Information security and integrity
    • Military-grade applications security
    • Improved video performance