Safety and security of the spaces where we all live, work and play.

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Firetide solutions

Our solutions are designed to fulfill the high-definition video, voice, and data application requirements in sectors such as public safety, transportation, and industrial solutions, ensuring stringent performance and reliability.

Our technology 

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Performance and scalability

No disruption in network traffic, optimized traffic flow, up to 300Mbps with dual radio, and less than 1 ms latency per hop

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Zero-downtime, carrier-grade reliability, and self-healing via redundant links for critical applications

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Integration simplicity

Smooth integration and performance continuity with existing wired and wireless infrastructures

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Real-time, streaming HD-video at speeds up to 100 mph and offloading of several gigabits of data in-depot in less than a minute

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End-to-end security

Faster and more secure transmissions of data, voice, and video across the entire network; 256-bit AES encryption and FIPS 140-2 compliant