Being able to communicate measurable and time-sensitive messages is key to supporting and satisfying the demands of public audiences in multiple environments today.

Digital signage is an effective method of disseminating time-sensitive messages, boosting engagement, productivity, and brand awareness. Communicating via Digital signage can quickly create an organized environment, connecting disparate audiences by displaying live feeds of important information such as news, financial reports and emergency information.

Because it is easily programmable and allows for rapidly changing content, most digital signage has the capability to be interactive, giving everyone a more personal relationship with a community, brand or product. Messages communicated through digital signage reach people repeatedly in multiple locations throughout their day giving them the most relevant information necessary to manage their time and tasks.

Firetide is the force behind ‘next-generation technology’ making communications immediate and constant. Compatible with any existing equipment, network or software, Firetide technology can handle voice, data and video seamlessly, making it ideal for the demands of the media and communications companies in their digital signage solutions.