Technical documents

Hardware and software documentation.

Hardware and software documentation

HotPort 7010 installation guide

HotPort 7010(W) installation guide

HotPort 7020 installation guide

HotPort 5020-E installation guide

HotPort 5020-M installation guide

HotPort 5020-LNK installation guide

HotPort 5020-M quick install guide

HotPort 5020-E quick install guide

HotPort 5020-LNK quick install guide

Firetide mobility controller (FMC 2000) quick start guide

HotView Pro

HotView Pro manual for the HotPort and HotPoint products

End of life (EOL) / End of sale (EOS) notices

HotPort 5020-E, 5020-M, 5020-LNK

EOL on June 27, 2016

HotPort 7020-900 and 7200-FIPS

EOL on June 27, 2016


EOL on December 1, 2013

HotPort 6000 (all models)

EOL on September 13, 2012


EOL on August 2012

FWB-100, model 4200 (outdoor thin AP) and 2200 (outdoor CPE)

EOL on October 2011

Access points

HotPoint 5100 hardware installation guide

HotPoint 5200 hardware installation guide

HotPoint 5100 point-to-point quick start guide

HotPoint 5100 quick start guide

HotPoint 5200 quick start guide