When Mobility Matters: Wireless Surveillance in Transportation

Sep 11, 2015

2015-08-13 Washington DC Buses.jpgIn recent years, wireless surveillance has become a cost-effective alternative to hard-wired surveillance systems, providing the flexibility and secure network needed for a range of different types of deployments. Now, wireless surveillance solutions are utilized in a whole host of organizations and industries, including in public locations, industrial yards and private businesses.

But these aren’t the only sectors that can benefit from a surveillance system supported by a wireless network. The transportation industry is seeing an increasing need for these types of solutions and is reaping the advantages that such technology can provide. However, when it comes to a deployment in transportation, these organizations need a certain level of mobility that a component like the FMC 2000 Firetide Mobility Controller can provide.

Why transportation organizations need surveillance
Vehicles, including trains, buses, subways or even highway patrol and police cruisers have been the subjects of an increasing number of wireless surveillance installations. But what need exists for this type of technology?

There are several ways a wireless surveillance system can be a boon for a vehicle in the transportation industry, including to deter criminals from committing violence against other passengers or vandalizing property. A visible camera aboard a train, bus or subway can help prevent these types of incidents from taking place, as well as offering an eye in the sky to help law enforcement when such attacks do occur.

In addition, a wireless surveillance system can help keep transportation employees accountable for their actions while on the clock. In this way, supervisors can be sure that each worker is carrying out their necessary responsibilities in a way that supports the services and passengers’ needs.

Overall, this creates a safer, more enjoyable environment for riders.

Mobility in wireless surveillance
In order to reap these benefits, there are several requirements to consider when it comes to mobility. This includes the need for solutions that can provide optimal performance at high speeds, as well as a system that can seamlessly operate across multiple networks. In other words, the technology serving these moving vehicles will have to be high quality systems that can roam across the networks the car, bus, or train travels through.

A solution like the FMC 2000 Firetide Mobility Controller can offer the free roaming and linear mobility support needed in the transportation and law enforcement industries. With this component, a wireless surveillance system can be established for free roaming vehicles including fire trucks, police cruisers, buses and ferries. In addition, linear-moving vehicles that follow a specific route – including highway patrol cars, subways and trains – can also have access to a high-performance wireless surveillance system to protect passengers and aid in response efforts.

Best of all, the Mobility Controller is supported by Firetide’s innovative HotPort mesh network, which features instant, automatic connections of mesh nodes. This not only provides top-tier network reliability, but ensures that if one node goes down, the network can automatically reconnect to another node, keeping the network intact. This self-healing characteristic is not seen in traditional, hard-wired networks.

For more information about the FMC 2000 Firetide Mobility Controller and how this component can be especially beneficial in transportation deployments, contact us today.

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