Wireless technology a powerful tool for law enforcement

Jan 15, 2015

2015-01-15 Law Enforcement.jpgIn many professions, there is an increasing need for wireless surveillance solutions. One area in particular that is seeing interesting demand for these sorts of tools is law enforcement. Between the people who believe that video is a criminal deterrent and those who see cameras as a way to keep police officers in check, many are clamoring for more visual recording as a means of prevention.

“We all have varying opinions on how we feel about this pervasive surveillance,” wrote Epoch Times contributors Joshua Gans and Steve Mann. “Being watched feels creepy, but if surveillance is in a public place, others are being watched too, with potential safety benefits for all of us. We are often watched by lifeguards at a beach or pool, and the benefits are often comforting. So, while it may be easy to claim you don’t like being watched, it is sometimes the case that you actually want someone watching over you.”

Law enforcement organizations need to invest in wireless security assets like the kind available through Firetide. There is something to be said about video surveillance, but in the present day it must be outfitted with wireless capabilities in order to be of any true value.

More agencies turning to wireless solutions around the world
While there has been a great deal of attention surrounding the recording of officers and criminals alike in the United States, police forces in other countries are also looking to keep both cops and citizens honest through the use of video surveillance. According to AsiaOne contributor Lim Yi Han, this is currently the case in Singapore.

“The police will install up to 570 units of in-vehicle video recording systems in their vehicles, including their motorcycles and all fast-response cars,” Lim wrote. “This new technology is meant to improve the police’s surveillance and provide more effective support to operations.”

Because these cameras will be placed in cars and motorcycles, wireless connectivity will be essential to establish. This is true not only for Singapore police, but for law enforcement agencies all over the world. It will be important for live streams to be available as well as recording, and this means investing in the best wireless technology available. No matter what kind of surveillance initiative is being undertaken, Firetide is there to help.

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