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Archive: August 2016

How Outdoor Festivals Benefit from Video Oversight

Posted on August 18, 2016
Category: Public Safety

Video systems play a central role at many of today's largest outdoor events. With tens of thousands of people often gathered in small areas, safety is priority, as is crowd management. Some festivals include metal detectors, bag searches and/or pat downs at their entrances to screen for contraband, but lack additional security measures throughout the festival grounds. As a result, human security personnel may struggle to keep up with the huge crowds, leading to possible safety incidents as well as overly crowded lines to vendor stands and restrooms. Enter video monitoring solutions.  Read More


What Malls Need In a Video Security Solution

Posted on August 16, 2016
Category: Public Safety

As they evolve to compete with e-commerce and smaller standalone stores, malls can greatly benefit from video systems, which helps explain why these buildings (along with similar retail outlets) were among the first commercial properties to install cameras on their premises.  Read More


If you have been to a quick service restaurant, shopping mall or sports stadium in the last few years, or have driven on a major highway system or taken mass transit in a city such as Chicago, you have probably encountered digital signage. A digital sign is simply an electronic display that can provide real-time information about the setting. For example, it might have details about today's menu items, a rotating set of maps and venue-related announcements or updates about current traffic conditions. The proven effectiveness of digital signs has helped spur demand for related video solutions.  Read More