Firetide Training classes are designed to enable Firetide Channel Partners and End-Use Customers to become proficient in designing, installing, configuring, supporting, and troubleshooting Firetide wireless IP broadband networks. Get the knowledge you need to deliver excellent customer satisfaction with confidence.

All Firetide partners are required to complete a rigorous certification program designed to ensure that your teams are fully trained and confident representing our products, and effectively specifying, designing and installing Firetide systems.

TAKE TWO STEPS to become a Firetide Partner … Your road starts here:

Step 1: Free Online Training

Successful completion of both courses is a pre-requisite for those persons planning to enroll in any instructor-led Firetide Certification training course.

Introduction to Wireless Systems Certification - REQUIRED

This free online training course introduces you to 802.11 Wireless LAN standards and related US FCC radio frequency allocations. In addition, it covers modulation, antennas, and the wireless time domain. Please be aware that this course must be accessed using a Flash capable computer with audio capability. Since detailed explanations of the slide content are in audio format, having sound capability is required for this course.

Dynamic Frequency Selection Certification - REQUIRED

This free online training course explains what dynamic frequency selection (DFS) is and how it works. It also covers FCC requirements for legal operation of any system utilizing frequency channels in which DFS is required, as well as how to properly configure DFS parameters for Firetide equipment supporting DFS frequencies. Access to DFS frequencies is now limited to professional installers who have been certified as required by the FCC. Please be aware that this course must be accessed using a Flash capable computer. Computer audio is not required for this course.

Step 2: Classroom-Based Training

FMCT (Firetide Mesh Certification Training) - REQUIRED

Prerequisite: Course attendees must possess a basic working knowledge of IP networking and layer two switching, as well as 802.11 Standards and Technology. In addition, they must have successfully completed the online courses: “Introduction to Wireless System Basics” and “Firetide DFS Certification Training.” Both classes require completion prior to registering for the FMCT class.

Overview: This is a three-day product focused course that provides system integrator/resellers foundational knowledge of the Firetide Hotport Mesh product, enabling its successful system configuration, deployment, and operation.

The Firetide mesh product was designed with advanced features to resolve network protocol issues that can negatively impact wireless system performance. The course explains these challenges, and how to easily configure Firetide’s specific product functionality that addresses them. Although this course covers basic wireless considerations, mesh design considerations, and mesh design best practices, it is NOT intended to be a system integration course. Class size is limited to 12 students. Registrations will close two weeks prior to start of class and are non-refundable. Registration cancellations for refund will be accepted only two weeks or more prior to the commencement date of the registered training class. Beyond this deadline, the only option is rescheduling to attend another training class within 90 days.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of “Introduction to Wireless System Basics” and “Firetide DFS Certification Training” (both prerequisite classes are free online)