Mobility Controller with Award.pngFiretide product portfolio enables building a high capacity wireless network that is comparable in performance and reliability to a fiber. Firetide Mesh product line, HotPort™ series, form the core of the product offering enabling customers to create a mesh, PTP or PTMP topology over wireless. Firetide product line also include the HotPoint™ wireless access point series providing cost effective access solution to complement its mesh backhaul products, an intuitive network management product HotView® Pro. To address the growing needs of mobile connectivity, Firetide provides wireless mobility service via a mobility controller appliance.

The biggest advantage of Firetide over its competitors is its advanced wireless technology that powers all its product – AutoMesh™. The benefits of an AutoMesh powered wireless network include:

  • Ability to backhaul multi applications over a single network namely video, voice and data
  • Superior performance (high throughput, reliability and low latency) than other wireless technologies
  • Superior scalability without any degradation in performance
  • Lower cost of ownership and rapid deployment compared to fiber.
  • Mobility at high speeds while maintaining Fiber like performance

HotPort Mesh Nodes

HotPort 7000 product lines enable an outdoor wireless network connection for backhauling video, voice or data and the creation of a mesh backbone providing fiber like performance and reliability. HotPort supports licensed (4.9 and 5.9 GHz) and unlicensed (900 MHz, 2.4 GHz and 5.1 – 5.8 GHz) wireless frequencies for backhaul applications.

HotView Pro Mesh Management Software

Each HotPort mesh node includes HotView management software for basic mesh configuration, monitoring and management. The optional HotView Pro mesh management software allows for control of multiple mesh networks and larger mesh environments such as enterprise or metropolitan networks. Additional capabilities include:

  • SNMP management allows network administrators to integrate management of HotPort mesh networks into a network management system such as HP OpenView or IBM NetView.
  • A Web-based client provides connection to the HotView Pro Server through a web browser, eliminating the need to run a separate client application.

Firetide Mobility Controller

Working in concert with mesh nodes and network management software, the Firetide Mobility Controller (FMC 2000) delivers high speed infrastructure mobility and seamless client roaming. With the Mobility Controller, Ethernet enabled devices such as network video cameras, Wi-Fi access points, RFID readers, and laptop computers maintain network connectivity while traveling at high speeds across multiple networks and IP domains.