Powered by our unique Automesh technology, Firetide delivers the high-definition video and multimedia streaming you need to manage and protect all your assets–mobile or static.

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Overview of the product offerings from Firetide.
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A cost-effective, viable alternative to fiber and the key to creating the fastest, most reliable and secure private wireless broadband network.
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HotPort 7000-900 – High-performance, self-forming wireless mesh—uniquely designed for the noisy 900 MHz spectrum.
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Maintain network connectivity while traveling at speeds up to 100 mph across multiple HotPort mesh networks and IP domains.


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Fighting Crime along the Ohio River: Firetide in Cincinnati
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Firetide provides strong backing for New Rochelle's video surveillance solutions
1,507.22 KB
Longest Wireless Mesh Infrastructure Enables Critical Flood Monitoring
1,175.24 KB
Wireless mesh delivers unique ability to provide high-performance real-time video streaming in challenging subway environment to and from trains moving at 50 mph
571.14 KB
High-Performance Wireless Mesh Network Improves Public Safety in Downtown Houston
524.23 KB
Firetide Mesh Takes Bite Out of Crime in Dallas
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Mobile Enterprise Unwires with Firetide Mesh
989.87 KB
High-Performance Wireless Mesh Video Network Dramatically Improves City’s Public Safety
246.72 KB
Building Reliable SCADA Communications in a Challenging Environment
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Firetide Wireless Mesh Key to City-Wide Video Security Deployment
367.14 KB
Firetide Wireless Mesh Reaches Unsurpassed Heights at Burj Dubai
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Sunlight Service Learns to Install Its Own Mesh


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4.9 GHz Wireless Networks for Law Enforcement and Emergency Response
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Using Wireless Mesh Networks to Enhance Safety and Lower Surveillance Costs
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Wireless Video surveillance and WiFi Accesss at high speeds



This video shows multiple, simultaneous video streams being delivered wirelessly from two Seoul, Korea subway stations to a fast …
An interview with Brian Simons, Firetide Regional Sales Manager – Northeast during the New York In-building Workshop